ICS Card Rewards delivers extra value to payment card programmes by offering in store cashback of between 3.5% and 20% when shopping with over 30 high street retail brands including supermarkets. In addition we offer savings at over 2,000 online retailers and 5,000 local merchants. For an average UK family Card Rewards could be worth over £1,000 per annum.

Card Rewards

Available for any prepaid, debit or credit card that utilises the MasterCard and VISA networks. Card Rewards adds value to card programmes to engender loyalty, drive customer acquisition and retention and maximise revenues.

Card Rewards Cashback
Card Rewards provides exceptional levels of cashback when shopping with over 30 major high street retail brands and unlike most cashback schemes card holders earn cashback when spending both in store and online, greatly increasing the value to the card holder.

Card Rewards Portal
Branded to provide the same look and feel as your card management website our Card Rewards Portal provides a comprehensive loyalty solution that will greatly enhance engagement with your card programme and help you meet your business objectives more quickly.


Our Card Rewards Portal offers the following capabilities:

Cashback Management
This includes a separate cashback account that can display the cashback earned from individual transactions and provide different cashback redemption options. A separate account, where cashback accumulates, which improves card holder engagement with the Rewards Programme.

Online Rewards
Online Rewards provides your card holders with cashback and other savings from over 2,000 of the UK's best known retailers when they shop online.

Local Discounts
Local discounts offer access to over 5,000 independent merchants with savings of up to 50%.

Weekly Deals
We seek out the best deals available across a wide range of retailers, exclusively for the benefit of your card holders, to add even more value to your Reward Programmes. Card holders can be informed of these by email and the offers will also be displayed on the portal and regularly updated.